Jett Duffey has officially entered the transfer portal. I feel like I need to add the obligatory 'that doesn't mean he's officially leaving' line, but he's as good as gone.

Head coach Matt Wells will have an open competition for the quarterback job in 2020, and unfortunately for Jett Duffey, that means opening the season at the bottom of the depth chart. Don't believe me? He's done it through two coaching staffs despite outperforming the starter on the field.

If you don't agree with the "outperforming" part, at least agree that he was at the very least equally as productive as Alan Bowman in the last two seasons, and outshined McLane Carter and Jackson Tyner by a long shot.

For Texas Tech football, that means they'll open next season, as it stands today, with Alan Bowman, Maverick McIvor and Donovan Smith as the three quarterbacks battling for a starting job. If history means anything at Texas Tech, I would expect Wells and Offensive Coordinator David Yost to add another QB for depth in this class. Probably a grad transfer to add some age into the mix.

Duffey, on the other hand, can now go anywhere he pleases as a grad transfer. There are several Big 12 schools looking for quarterbacks next season, but even though it'd be interesting to see Lincoln Riley and Jett Duffey in Norman, Oklahoma, I highly doubt he'd stay in the Big 12 conference.

The next most popular Twitter speculation is Mike Leach, who's seen offensive success in the past with grad transfers (namely Gardner Minshew), but Duffey to Pullman also seems unlikely. That would be fun, though.

In fact, the Pac 12 lends itself to Duffey's skill set, and the defenses there are worse than what he's seen in the Big 12 the last few seasons. We know Oregon is going to have a new QB in 2020. Washington and Arizona are also looking for a replacement.

Arizona is on the Texas Tech schedule in 2020 for what that's worth.

I also think Duffey would be successful in the ACC. Besides Clemson, there's plenty of room in the conference for an upgrade at QB. But I don't think that Duffey heads to that Power 5 conference, either.

If you just look at the stats and not his record as starter, Duffey's a proven commodity in the Big 12 and would be a star in the AAC. Similar to Shane Buchele's move to SMU, Duffey could be electric in the American Athletic Conference. Memphis, Cincinnati and UCF could all allow Jett Duffey to reach his full potential.

I do know this: Jett Duffey will land on his feet, and The Rob Breaux Show with Karson Robinson will be his lead cheerleaders at his next stop.

Here's what we said this morning before the Jett Duffey news was official:

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