WATCH: Texas Tech Soars Into Homecoming With F-16 Flyover
There's nothing quite like a flyover to get a game started in college football. In fact, after a flyover, it's impossible for it not to feel like a big game.
Here's the action from just before kickoff of the Homecoming game between Iowa State and Texas Tech, featuring four F-16s:
Patrick Mahomes Fans Take the QB's Health to the Great Physician
Patrick Mahomes got hurt in Week one against the Jaguars. Since then he had been playing on a hobbled ankle that seemed to really be hampering him in two consecutive losses after getting sacked multiple times a game.
It got so bad that local Chiefs fans in Kansas City took his ankle issue to the grea…
Know Texas Tech's Opponent: Iowa State
The Big 12, for a while, was all about offense. Baylor was on top. Oklahoma was scoring points. Texas Tech a head coach to be the best on offense. The defensive teams lagged behind and the high powered offenses that could play just enough defense got ahead...

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