Texas Tech's Matt Dowdy later clarified that "Due to unforeseen complications, the Double T Scoreboard is now scheduled to be removed between 8-9 p.m."

So, still on December 1st.

Of course, Texas Tech had to have a little fun with the scoreboard. Even the Double T is The Brand.

Original post:

It's the end of an era with the Double T scoreboard coming down in the North Endzone. The construction is part of the much larger project that is scheduled to tear down the South Endzone and rebuild it bigger and better.

The $200 dollar project was announced this past summer with renderings of the project dropping in August of this year. The South Endzone won't be completed before next season, but the Jones will still be available for the home games despite the ongoing construction.

Watch the Double T being removed live on the Texas Tech Athletics Youtube Channel:

The Double T scoreboard is an iconic part of Texas Tech history. The University seems to be taking painstaking care to preserve the scoreboard instead of just tearing it down.

That leads me to believe that Texas Tech might actually try and salvage the scoreboard to display it somewhere in Lubbock. Either on Campus or otherwise.

I'd like to see the scoreboard placed either driving into Lubbock on one of the major highways or leaving the airport and heading back into the city.

Either would be really cool.

Don't worry about the new South Endzone either, there will be a bigger and better Double T scoreboard to replace this old rusty hunk of beloved junk.

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