There are four or five Bowl games that the Red Raiders could potentially be announced as participants in, but there are really just three with a realistic chance of happening. Last week, I thought the Texas Bowl would be the most likely, but with an Oklahoma State loss, the Red Raiders sit alone in 4th place in the Big 12.

TCU is in first place at 12-0, win or lose they'll be in the CFP or the New Years' 6 Bowls. Kansas State is in second place and will be playing in the Sugar Bowl no matter what.

The Bowl pecking order, at this point, gets a little weird.

The standings matter, but they don't. There's also a hierarchy, but there isn't.

In the Big 12, the next best team past the NY6 bowls generally goes to the Alamo Bowl.

Then the Cheez-It Bowl.

Then the Texas Bowl.

Those are the options for Texas Tech. As of today, November 29th, I think the Red Raiders will be in the Cheez-it Bowl, but the Alamo Bowl would be really freaking sweet. Texas is probably a lock for the Alamo trip, but at 8-4 and with a loss to Texas Tech there could be a chance the Red Raiders get selected.

Maybe Texas really wants a trip to the Florida sun after being to so many Alamo Bowls?

The Texas Bowl is certainly on the table, but with the Cheez-It bowl tweeting this I don't think that will happen.

Regardless, I gave my favorite options for all three bowls.

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