The Red Raiders will host Iowa State this weekend for a homecoming matchup, and Texas Tech University really wants you to have a good time. How do I know this? Just look at all the stuff they are doing for the game.

First off, the throwbacks uniforms. People love the throwbacks. These are Carlen Era, early 70s beauties that would only be improved by making the helmet black and the outer stripe white. They are pretty dang sweet how they are, though.

Next up, how do you know the game is a big one? A flyover.

The Super Bowl? Flyovers. World Series? Flyovers. Texas Tech homecoming? Flyovers. This year, it's four F-16s coming down the pipe before the game starts.

Here's the practice run sneak peak:

Alright, you're in Jones AT&T Stadium. You saw the team warm up in the throwbacks and the flyover just happened. What could be better? Now, they are chunking t-shirts full of gift cards at you. I urge you to top that.

Oh wait, they did top a t-shirt full of gift cards. David Rush, the Guinness World Record-holding tortilla tosser, is going to be in Lubbock, Texas breaking world records with the Red Raiders. Wow. Truly special.

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