The Big 12, for a while, was all about offense. Baylor was on top. Oklahoma was scoring points. Texas Tech a head coach to be the best on offense. The defensive teams lagged behind and the high powered offenses that could play just enough defense got ahead.

That recipe still works for Oklahoma, but even they fired their defensive coordinator to try and be better on defense. The identity of the league is shifting or has shifted, and now the conference strives to be above average on both sides of the ball. It's groundbreaking really. Matt Campbell shook the conference to its core when he took perennial doormat from their history of being 3-9 to winning 8 games in back to back seasons.

The moment that changed the Big 12 forever was Iowa State beating Baker Mayfield in Norman Oklahoma with a third-string quarterback. Wait, there's a defensive scheme that works in the Big 12? Apparently there is, and Matt Campbell and company used it to beat Kliff Kingsbury in three straight seasons.

There's a new sherrif in town though and Lubbock is starting to look like a home field advantage again, granted it's just a 3-0 start with an FCS school and a... UTEP, but the win over Oklahoma State seemed like a real momentum builder. For some real thoughts on the game, and the state of Texas Tech football after 6 games I'll turn it over to the experts.

First up is Rodney Allison. A Texas Tech legend, experienced coach and alumni master. He lets us in on his own coaching experience, how homecoming doesn't matter much to the players and how quarterback sneaks can get nasty.

Don Williams brought his usual dynamic stylings to the Raiderland with Ryan Hyatt.

David Collier did not love the betting lines but is feeling good. He also got a beautiful mum from his homecoming date for Saturday.

Dylan Montz from the Ames Tribune gives us the Iowa State perspective.

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