Ya'll know me. I'll sign up for something if I think it is it going to be a convenience or if it will help someone out. Therefore, I have subscriptions to things I don't even use. But there is one subscription I use all the time, although I am finding out there is so much more to it. Amazon Prime! I have Amazon Prime for the two day shipping. I am not a patient person so I don't want to wait a week to get something or pay for shipping ( which you actually do by paying for the membership). I also know by having Prime I can access the movies, books and show, like Netflix, but what I didn't know is all the other services that it comes with.

Release Day Delivery: Be the first to get a new movie, book or video game. You can have it delivered the day it comes out.  This would be good especially if you have a gamer in the house.

Key By Amazon: Have your Amazon Packages delivered right into your garage. I don't know about this one. I don't want strangers in my garage or having access to my house.

Prime Wardrobe: Try on clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories from the comfort of your home, and pay only for what you keep. Amazon 4-star and Amazon Books Stores: Prime members pay Amazon.com prices on all products in-store. I had no Idea this one existed. I would try this one out but I would never ship anything back and get charged for everything..

Share Your Prime Benefits: Link your account with one other adult to share shipping, streaming access to movies and TV shows, Prime Reading and more for free.  I didn't know this at all. I thought you could be the only user on the account.

Here is a full list of all the benefits of Amazon Prime! 


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