In my new series---Discovering Midland (Discovering Odessa will be next!) I am stopping at places I've been driving past now for the last 14 months since I've lived here and giving them a try... Could be food, could be a variety store, could be a car wash--you name it! If you have any suggestions for me being the newest guy on the team here at Lonestar 92.3--drop me a message. I know there are a LOT of gems--hidden and not so hidden--in the area that I have yet to try.

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Tonight's stop: Michael's on Wadley near Big Spring Street. WOW what a menu! Everything you could just about imagine is available at Michaels. We walked in and just stood there looking at the screens displaying the meu for about 5 minutes--and one of the guys at the registers was looking at us like "Are you guys gonna order??" lol--so I looked at him and said "We've never been here before--sorry" and told the folks waiting in line behind us to go ahead of us. That's when Jonathan stepped out from behind the end register and waved us over to him.


My wife and I walked over to him, and he said "Did I just hear you correctly--that Y'all have never been here before?" and we replied, "Yes--we moved here last year and have been past the place a bunch of times and finally decided to stop and check it out". That's when Jonathan leapt into action. "Well--pretty much burgers and BBQ is what we tell people to start with who've never been here before".... And he went on to list all of the things the place has in its huge variety on the menu. WE ended up settling on a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich for me, and brisket and salad fr my wife.


Awesome food and amazing salad bar selection. And such a personality inside with all of the plane decorations (the place looks like an airplane hangar outside) and terrific drink selection. Big thanks to Jonathan for the hospitality and for making us feel welcome. We'll be back to try the burgers next!

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