The Texas Tech Red Raiders got behind by 20 in the first half against the Iowa State Cyclones, helped by two field goal misses by the Cyclone kicker. The Red Raiders scored a single touchdown to save face and head into halftime only down 13.

Jett Duffey would have a similar completion number compared to Brock Purdy but Purdy would have 200 more yards and three more touchdowns. The main mismatch early for the Red Raiders was Charlie Kolar, a 6'6" tight end who totaled three catches for 79 yards and two touchdowns.

The bright side is that Texas Tech didn't have the worst first half in the Big 12. That honor belongs to the Sooner Schooner:

Everyone was fine and walked away from the ordeal.

As far as bouncing back in the second half, I think Texas Tech has a better chance.

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