Thinking of buying a Tesla, or driving through East Texas with one? We gotcha covered in Nacogdoches.

You've seen the sleek Tesla family of vehicles on the road, perhaps even thought of buying one. Then the question comes up, "Where am I going to charge this thing?"

Have no fear!

They are putting up Supercharger and Destination Chargers all over the place.  The pending Supercharger being built in Nacogdoches looks to be almost up and running.

This is at the Gateway Travel Plaza Shell Station at the loop and Stallings Dr.

You can see them putting up the sleek stations,  it really makes you want to join the crowd and be one of the cool kids. Seems from looking at the details on the map, that this is going to be a very big supercharging station. There is just destination plug in Jasper, at a bed and breakfast on Rayburn. The LaQuinta in Palestine has just one hook up as well. The closest supercharger to this one is in Huntsville or Shreveport.

Looking at this installation, I think the Tesla car company is going to be here for a long time. I would really like to make the jump to an electric car that will snap your neck back.

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