Most of us have heard about the whole texting law and that it was more than likely going to be a thing soon.  However, if you were like me until last week I didn’t realize that the as of September 2nd, 2017 that law (at least for the state of Texas) is a thing now, like for real….it’s officialized.  Of course I’m always afraid of giving out false information because I happen to be very gullible and have been prone to believe things blindly without any actual proof. So I had to look this up to make sure I wasn’t spreading untruths and while I was looking up the texting law in the great state of Texas I stumbled upon some other laws I didn’t even knew existed….and am not sure why they do. There were plenty more than ten but I figured ten was a good round number to stop on.

10 laws in the State of Texas you didn’t know existed:


  1. Did you know it’s illegal to milk another man’s livestock in the state of Texas?  I didn’t bother the see what the stipulations were for partners, you can do that on your own time.
  2.  I knew it wasn’t a good idea to swear in front of police officer but apparently it’s actually illegal to swear in front of a corpse in the lone star state.
  3.  In Texarkana it’s illegal to ride a horse without tail lights….You’re gonna have a hard time finding somewhere to do that installation.
  4. In Mesquite it’s illegal for kids to have unusual haircuts.  I guess Mohawks are out then?
  5. It’s illegal to take more than three consecutive sips of beer while standing…so whiskey is cool then?
  6. In San Antonio it’s illegal to flirt using your eyes or hands….ummm, ok, so you want I should wink with what then?  Don’t answer that….
  7. In Clarendon it’s illegal to feather dust a public building.
  8. It’s illegal to shoot hogs or coyotes from a helicopter.  Did anyone else watch that show American Hoggers on A&E? Pretty sure I saw some helicopter hunting but that’s none of my business….
  9. In Port Arthur it’s illegal to omit an obnoxious odor. Otherwise known as fart.  Doesn’t affect me since girls don’t fart…..or poop.
  10. It’s illegal for two pigs to bone at the Kingsville Airport.  If you’ve chosen to make sweet, sweet love to your boo thang at an airport you don’t have to be of the bovine persuasion for this to apply to you.  Don’t you know how many germs there are in the airport?!??!?

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