College football fans are excited as there is only a month away from a new season. The Alabama Crimson Tide is set to enter the 2022 season with high expectations as Nick Saban's squad is one of the nation's best.

Fans and collectors can show off their passion for the Crimson Tide by purchasing a one-of-a-kind collection of Alabama memorabilia.

Nick Fulton, the president of the Mississippi Pawn Association, took to Twitter to announce USA Pawn is selling a 2020 National Championship Ring set.

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This is the second set of championship rings to appear at a pawn shop this offseason, following Keilan Robinson's 2020 set appearing on AMC's "Pawn Stars". 

The set appearing in Fulton's social media video appears to belong to defensive lineman LT Ikner.

kner, from Dapne, joined the Crimson Tide as a JUCO transfer for the 2020 and 2021 season but did not appear in any games, he transferred out of Tuscaloosa in the spring 2021. He spent two seasons at Hutchinson Community College in Kansas before coming to the Tide. Ikner is currently enrolled and a member of Mississippi College in Clinton, MS.

There's no price listed for Ikner's collection of rings, but considering Robinson's are listed for $60,000 one would assume Ikner's will be sold for similar value.

It is worth noting that per NCAA regulations the championship rings cannot exceed a value of $415. The three rings collectively could not exceed $1245 in value.

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