Matt Wells spoke to the media during the local Texas Tech media day, and during his opening statement, he described succinctly his entire philosophy in just one sentence: "How we do anything, is how we do everything." That's it.

Wells, above all else, wants to bring consistency to Lubbock, Texas.

He doesn't want to be great at special teams and average at everything else. Or just have a great defense. He doesn't want to have a one-dimensional offense. More than that, he wants to practice great. Eat great. Work out great. Get dressed great. Shower great. Run great.

How we do anything, is how we do everything.

I bet that's going to be on 100 Texas high school football two-a-days shirts next season. Print them up.

After being so close in recent years to breaking through, it might be something as simple as consistency to make a breakthrough. Now, I'm not ready to start drinking any Kool-aid, but Matt Wells is impressive.

As Coach Wells said, "Now it's football time."

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