Last week, the Dallas Cowboys revealed the uniform and helmet that they will wear on Thanksgiving Day this year. But, it appears that might not be the only alternate helmet that the Cowboys will wear this upcoming season.

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According to the Dallas Cowboys' official Twitter account, the boys will be wearing their white throwback helmets along with their throwback uniforms when they play the New York Giants on Thanksgiving Day. They haven't worn these particular helmets in about 10 years.

This may not be the only alternate helmet the Cowboys will wear in 2022

Several teams will be sporting new alternate helmets in 2022, and some will be using their throwback helmets. But, according to NFL's graphic that was posted on their official Twitter account, the Cowboys may be going with both.  

If you look closely at the graphic, you'll see that the Dallas Cowboys are listed twice with two different helmets. Both helmets look very similar but if you look closer, you'll notice that one helmet is white, with a navy star, and a gray facemask. But, the other helmet has a white facemask with a white border around the star.

Cowboys Nation on Twitter was the first to point this out with a tweet that gave a better picture of the two helmets.

As Cowboys Nation pointed out, the other helmet could be part of their "color rush" uniform. It makes sense because I always thought the silver helmets with the "color rush" uniforms didn't really fit.

So far, there is no official word from the Dallas Cowboys or the NFL about the mysterious helmet. Honestly, I think both of them are really cool helmets. But, this helmet in question with the white facemask is epic in my opinion.

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