One question? Do you have trouble opening jars? Of any kind. Pickle, olives, jelly, etc? I do. All the time. I tell my boys that that is the very reason I had boys, to do it for me. I will either struggle for a couple of minutes and try to beast it myself, call my son to come do it for me or grab something with a rubber grip if no one is around and get it done. 

To be honest, all these years I have thought nothing of it. I just assumed all people have a hard time opening up glass jars? That is until today when I come across an article that says if you have a hard time opening of a jar of pickles, it is a sign that something much more serious is going on. Wait, what?


A new study out of Austria found that 'weak handgrip strength' is a sign of more serious health issues. Heart problems, lung issues and a lower life expectancy.

What the heck? Here I am just thinking I need to eat more spinach like Popeye! According to the IIASA,

It's complicated, but basically handgrip strength can be a quick and inexpensive way to assess overall muscle strength.  And muscle strength has proven to be a fairly accurate indicator of mortality.

Wow! I didn't see that coming. Sometimes science and experts just throw you for a loop. Not me practicing my jar opening skills for the rest of the week!

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