The College Football Playoff Board of Managers have decided they will hold a vote this Friday in order to change the current format of the College Football Playoff.

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The format is likely to replace the current four team model and expand to a 12 team format. This format would see the top four seeds in the bracket receiving a first round bye before playing winners of the first round matchups.

The new playoff bracket can be seen as a way to increase parody in college football and allow less reputable schools to compete on the largest stage. The concern is that the increased season length could lead to more potential injuries and fatigue amongst players.

The format was initially introduced to the committee in 2021, but fell short to gain approval after members voted 8-3 in favor of expanding the format. The voting required unanimous support from all 11 members in order to make any changes. Regardless, the format will stay the same until at least 2025 regardless of Friday's vote.

A 12 team playoff has become more favorable among college football fans and universities around the country after excluding teams that could be seen as real title contenders.

There is still speculation as to how playoff bids will be decided. Automatic bids to the power five conference champions would allow each major conference to be represented. The remaining 11 spots would be filled to the teams that have shown throughout the season they can win the national title.

The College Football Playoff has allowed teams from all major conferences to compete in years past but only three have won the national title. This past season, the first group of five team, Cincinnati, made it into the final selection, opening the door for smaller schools that many did not think would ever get in without expansion.

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