Many Alabama fans probably saw the moment on Saturday where Bryce Young went from celebration mode with his teammate to business mode with Coach Saban on Saturday.

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In an interview with Joel Klatt, Young revealed the background behind this moment that went viral on social media.

Klatt complimented Young on the “smooth” handshake with Saban, but the quarterback gave all the credit to his coach.

“You know coach is smooth like that,” said Young. “It was funny that the camera caught it because you know obviously it’s celebrating with your teammates and we just scored so we celebrate for the time being.”

The celebration was obviously short lived and Young knew it was time for business.

“I messed up earlier in the drive, I made a mistake and that was on me. I didn’t handle the operation correctly and I could tell from coach’s body language and everything that he was ready to tell me about it,” said Young. “When I saw him which was like right in mid-air, I realized like all right well I probably should dial this back because I already know what I’m going to be hearing about.”

A moment like this was not insignificant for the 2021 Heisman winner.

“It was a big turnaround from being in the end zone to a learning experience,” said Young.

Young and the Tide will look to use moments like these and more to build on for Saturday and throughout the entire season.

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