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I was trying to think of a snazzy title for this piece, when it came to me like a bolt of lightning.

What is going on with the two Texas NFL teams?

I wanted to insert a laughing emoji, or maybe a crying one, but this is real life, and football is no laughing matter to the people of Texas.

Let us first start with the disastrous NFC East, which is led right now (after three games) by a team without a nickname, that was getting serious money thrown at it to be the worst team in the NFL this season; which Washington still might be, but how could you tell with the New York Giants in the same division.

The Giants got blown out last weekend by a 49ers team that was missing about half their squad, and look like a top candidate to end the season with the first pick in next year’s NFL Draft (although the team they share their stadium with, the Jets, could be as well).

The Philadelphia Eagles have been awful, as has their franchise quarterback, which probably makes Cowboys’ fans happy to hear. At least they did not lose to the Bengals on the weekend, but they did not win, either, settling for a tie.

That brings us to one of only two teams in the NFC (L)East to have a win after three weeks: your Dallas Cowboys. That win, by the way, came in a miracle comeback against the 0-3 Falcons.

Will the Cowboys turn this around and win the division? I would bet my house on it. At this point, even at 1-2, Dallas has -260 odds to bring home the NFC East crown, well ahead of the Eagles (+260 odds). Don’t even ask about the two other teams, but if you really need to know, Washington is +1100 betting odds (which is crazy to me, seeing as the team was picked by many to win less than four games) and the Giants are +3300, according to the sports betting aggregator

Which brings us to the Houston Texans. Houston is going to allow around 13,000 fans back into NRG Stadium this weekend, as the Texans take on another underachieving 0-3 team, the Minnesota Vikings. But is it going to matter at this point?

Houston is already three games behind the Tennessee Titans in the AFC South standings, and has to play what is looking every week more like a brutal schedule over the final nine games of the season: two games each against the Colts and Titans, plus games with the 3-0 Packers and Bears, and also games with the 2-1 Patriots and Browns.

But fans and bettors alike are not worried about Week 9; they want to know what will happen this week.

Houston is a four-point favorite at home, with the over/under set at 54.5, something that probably takes into account the way both defenses have played so far this year.

The Cowboys host the Browns, and Dallas is a 5.5-point favorite, with the same over/under as the Houston game, 54.5. Books seem to have figured out that teams are not playing much defense this season, and have adjusted their numbers upwards accordingly.

So which team would I have more confidence in right now?

I would go with Dallas. I would stay away from that other game.

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