Dallas fans like myself know that Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones are on good terms, but the former Cowboys coach still speaks his mind about his former boss.

According to The Spun, Jimmy Johnson was being interviewed by Colin Cowherd on his show "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" and gave his thoughts on the Cowboys retaining Mike McCarthy for the 2022 season.

“Jerry doesn’t ever want to admit that he’s wrong. So he’s going to hang with whoever and try to make it work,” said Johnson. “I think he really values the talent on that team so much that he feels like McCarthy can be successful and improve, especially with [Dan Quinn/Kellen Moore].”

That of course made fans take to social media and give their opinion.

“I know I catch hate every time I say it….but Jerry has been and remains to be a HUGE hindrance to our team’s endeavor to reach SB success,” tweeted one Cowboys fan. “He DOESN’T want to win at all costs….he only wants to WIN IT HIS WAY. Don’t let him fool you with his act on those radio interviews.”

“We honestly should be making this the biggest story in DFW,” said another fan. “Which would push it to be the biggest story in the NFL, cuz Cowboys. Get Jerry’s true attention and let’s see what he does.”

I, along with several others, really wonder if we can ever get back to the Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones retains his General Manager title. I personally think the team needs to get a GM and let him decide head coaches, player trades, and contract extensions while Jerry Jones just sits back and writes the checks.

Two decades is too long to go without even an appearance in the Super Bowl, that is not the Dallas way.


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