Saturday night we finally got to see former Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in action with the Dolphins newly acquired star receiver Tyreek Hill.

On the first play of the game Tagovailoa aired it out to the speedster for a 51-yard play action completion.

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The pair would connect once more later on the first drive on a play action roll out two plays before a touchdown to River Cracraft.

The connection has been a polarizing one ever since the Dolphins made the move to acquire the star receiver from the Chiefs early in the off-season.

Hill has been highly supportive if his new quarterback every chance he has had, touting his accuracy and working to silence doubters of Tagovailoa's arm-strength.

Regardless of Hill's efforts, Tagovailoa's doubters have been abundant; however, the quarterback is well trained in the ways of ignoring the rat-poison due to the tutelage of his college coach Nick Saban.

Whatever your stance may be on the Hawaii native, there is no question that this is a make or break season for Tagovailoa, and Saturday night's preseason effort was a solid start.

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