Bryce Ramirez got to Texas Tech in 2019, but didn't see the field until last season after a redshirt year and a year on the bench. In 2021, Ramirez played in the final 7 games of the season, mostly on special teams.

Ramirez had been playing more in 2022 and earned his first start on September 17th in Raleigh, North Carolina against the NC State Wolfpack.

The defense got off to a great start after a muffed punt by the Red Raiders gave the Wolfpack great field position. Texas Tech held them to a field goal. After that drive, the Red Raiders gave NC State another great starting position after a 3 and out.

Even while the Red Raiders' defense enjoyed a great start, toward the end of the 1st quarter there was a brutal moment involving Ramirez and safety Reggie Pearson. The pair of Red Raiders converged on a tackler and Ramirez's foot got stuck under the opposing player's body. Ramirez's momentum went the other way, which caused a break in his leg.

I normally don't guess on injuries, but the replay shown obviously showed break and seemingly showed bone breaking through the skin. No, I'm not adding the replay.

ESPN showed the replay once, thinking it was a head injury from colliding with Pearson and realized when the audience did that it was a lower leg injury. The broadcast then bailed while the medical crews got Ramirez off the field.

Later it was reported that Ramirez was transported to a local hospital.

Texas Tech football tweeted their prayers.

An NC State beat writer praised the medical staff from both sidelines to help Ramirez after the injury.

This looked like the same injury that has ended or altered many careers, so many prayers and thoughts to Bryce Ramirez as he battles back from this one.

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