Every year, the world of sports gives a couple of feel-good stories that show us that life is bigger than the game. This year’s example of the message has been Washington Commanders rookie runningback, Brian Robinson Jr.

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Many LSU fans might recognize the name because he was featured back in the Alabama offense for three years. After a great college career with the Tide, Robinson declared for the draft where he was selected in the third round by the Washington Commanders. The rookie was making huge strides in fall camp and was expected to play a huge role in that Washington offense this season.

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On August 28th,  Robinson was shot twice in the leg in what police are reporting as an attempted carjacking. Robinson have surgery on his knee the same day to repair the damage that was done. Prayers and words of encouragement poured from all across the league. While everyone was grateful that Robinson was going to make a full recovery, a promising rookie season seemed over before it even started.

The tragic and unfortunate incident didn’t keep Robinson down one bit, it also didn’t keep him away from his team. Robinson was back at the Commander’s facility two days later with a huge smile on his face. Coaches and players in the organization were glad to see Robinson wasn’t letting this bring him down.

Despite being bound to crutches, Robinson still carries out his rookie duties and brought Oreos to the team facility.

If his positive attitude alone wanst enough to show how special he truly is, maybe his determination to get back on the field will. Robinson was seen in several videos that show him not only at practice but participating in drills as well. Robinson can be seen on the stationary bike with a teammate, Chase Young, and even doing rigorous ladder drills.

These videos come less than three weeks removed from being shot twice in the leg. Fans of football and fans of great human stories were moved by the display of resilience from the rookie running back. Many took Twitter to express how much of an inspiration Brian Robinson is.

Brian Robinson Jr. is a true example of what it means to overcome adversity.


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