Texas Tech's 2018 football season did not go as planned, but the 5-7 season wasn't without several good games.

Two of the losses were so good that SBNation listed them in the "Top 100 Games of 2018" list.

The first game that shows up for Texas Tech is number 69 on the list. Nice. It was the game against the Texas Longhorns. Of course, the reason is that the Longhorns beat the Red Raiders on a similar play to Michael Crabtree's epic game-winning play a decade earlier.

(The Crabtree catch was better.)

Alan Bowman throws pass- Texas Tech Football vs Oklahoma 2018
Paul Roberts, 1340TheFan.com

The next game on the list is in the top 50. Go Tech! That one was against Oklahoma, and it's number 49 on the list. The game was an offensive firefight that ended 51-46.

Kyler Murray started the game with two interceptions, but never looked back. The game also featured Alan Bowman's final action of the season after injuring his lung for a second time. Jett Duffey came in and played admirably in defeat.

It's cool to make a list naming the best games of the year, but in 2019 maybe Texas Tech can notch a couple of great games that are also wins. That'd be cool.

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