Buzz Question - So, I popped the question the other day to my fiancé and she said YES! I did a big engagement romantic setting and everything.  She cried and all was awesome. Well, the next day she went on her socials and announced we were engaged and showed a pic of us, but someone brought it to my attention that she didn't and hasn't SHOWED OFF her ring on her socials. She's posted different pics since then but none of her hand! Now, it got me think does she not like the ring?


Not everything needs to be shared on social media or with everyone for that matter .

She’s probably not as materialistic as you think. She’s engaged to you, not the ring. Ask HER….

I don't share alot on social media so maybe that was her way of sharing but keeping private. I don't see a big deal with it, ppl are just nosey and always feel like they need to have an opinion. Just ask her directly and don't assume things.

It’s like showing off your new house or car……it’s stupid. Just bc you don’t show something off doesn’t mean you don’t like it..instead of askin us he should ask his fiancé and start workin on that communication thing now. Have a great day all.

Maybe she’s waiting to get her nails done!

Who cares if she did post it or not. Not everything has to be posted. That’s the problem nowadays everyone posts all their business for everyone to see 😒

Posting the ring on social media does nothing in my opinion but open the door for people‘s opinions and comments. She let everybody know you’re engaged and she put a picture of you she obviously is proud of her catch as well maybe the ring is just not as big a deal to her as you are?


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