The Patrick Mahomes mania has reached a fever pitch.

Hand up, I'm a part of the problem. I have a Spidey sense for Patrick Mahomes news and blog about him several times a week. The people love Mahomes. But this week, we've reached the boiling point.

When Patrick Mahomes bought a new house, people blogged it up like it was big news. His address, Zillow report, the cost and more was displayed for all to see. Last night, a news channel in Kansas City showed the address and gave info about the residence on the evening news.

Mahomes didn't take too kindly to it, tweeting a few shots last night before deleting them. His girlfriend was also peeved about the situation, shooting this off this morning.

I think most sane, rational people can see a piece of information and notice it as something we don't need to know and mind our own business. The problem is that there are insane, irrational people who now have Mahomes' address from the 5 o'clock news, and if Mahomes throws four picks in a game next season, they could now go tell him how they feel about it in person.

But how do I know there are insane and irrational people in Kansas City when it comes to Patrick Mahomes?

There's a guy claiming that this slice of pizza once grazed the lips of Patrick Mahomes, and now he's selling it online.

At best, he's a con artist lying about the pizza and just trying to cash in on Mahomes' star power. At worst, this guy stalked around the quarterback at a pizza joint until he was finished eating, then stole the slice off of the table or out of the garbage can.

Mahomes himself responded to the weird auction with a simple, "Never been there."

The con artist maniac goes further by seemingly forging a saliva test strip (how did he get Mahomes DNA as a crosscheck?!). He's also throwing in a toothpick and hand wipe FOR FREE!

I might bid on it just for the toothpick.

Some people.

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