You wouldn't think that using the restroom ANYWHERE would be "dangerous", whether you're in West Texas or not. I mean, it's the restroom. You're in, you're out. What could possibly be DANGEROUS? Many public places and establishments have requirements like 'You Must Be A Customer' to use the restroom (spend some money in the store or restaurant), while others simply have signs posted that say NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS. But what about when you work at a job where you're outdoors all day? Out in the oil field or roadside construction? Unless you hoping a vehicle and stop at a gas station or truck stop nearby-you're out of luck. So what do you do?

Most of the companies that have workers outdoors to do that type of work DO provide access to a potty close by. This way, no one has to leave the job site and come back when nature calls. But typically, they aren't placed in precarious places that might put the user in danger:

Portable Toilets

But in this case, caution wasn't a factor in deciding exactly where this potty was placed. In fact, it was probably the last thing on the person's mind who unloaded the porta-potty booth where they placed it. Literally just a 'drop and go' situation (and we don't mean maybe!)


So next time you're driving down the Loop 250 in Midland coming off of 191 and you enter the Loop on the first entrance ramp-look to your right and you'll see it. Placed there right up against a retention barrier with about one foot between you sitting on the potty, and traffic flying by you at 70 mph (because let's face it-the speed limit is 60 there but no one does it!). A truck driving by could literally knock you over. And the thought of that is just disgusting. 'Enter at your own risk' indeed!


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