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Patrick Mahomes is heading into Super Bowl LIV with the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend, February 2nd. It's the 11th straight Super Bowl where a Red Raider will represent in the big game. It's also the Kansas City Chiefs' first Super Bowl appearance since Super Bowl IV, exactly 50 years ago.

The Chiefs being in the game 50 years apart isn't the only link, though. Red Raiders will have led the way for both Chiefs squads.

Mahomes has been receiving snaps as the quarterback the past two years, but 50 years ago, it was E.J. Holub snapping it to his own star quarterback.
Sports Illustrated

Super Bowl IV was won by the Chiefs over the Minnesota Vikings 23-7, with Len Dawson, the Chiefs Quarterback, locking in the MVP.

The halftimes will also be similar. In Super Bowl IV, they reenacted the Battle of New Orleans. In Super Bowl LIV, the crowd will be entertained by Shakira and J-LO.

Well, maybe not that similar.

The Texas Tech football team is making sure to remember Holub, who died this past year, while Mahomes and the Chiefs try to make their own memories against the 49ers this weekend.

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