Welcome to day 1321 of the New England sports championship drought. I kid, but only kind of. In fact, we're in the midst of the longest dry spell of the 21st century when it comes to our regional teams winning championships.

There's only been one other time this century when a championship-less drought lasted more than 1000 days. That was between the Celtics' title in '08 and the Bruins' Cup run in 2011. That being said, none of the four teams could win anything for the next 20 years and we'd all still be incredibly spoiled for the golden age we got to witness.

I saw a few articles this week making note of the fact that the Patriots' TV audience was down 25% locally from their average a year ago. It's no doubt winning increases popularity, but even amid our lengthy absence from the mountaintop, I'd still put Boston fans up against any other faithful following out there. Chances are, we care as much-or-more even still.

But which of the "Big 4" has the most ardent of loyalists as we sit here in 2022? 15 years ago, the answer was easy - the Sox. Five years ago, that answer was probably just as easily answered with the Pats. Yet with those two teams facing uncertain presents and futures, do they still have a claim at the top spot?

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