In the immortal words of Michael Scott, "well, well, the turntables..."

The Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots are now the two problem children of the Boston sports scene, after earning the city the moniker of "Titletown," thanks to their heavy lifting over the past two decades.

Now, the Bruins and Celtics sit at-or-near the top of their respective leagues while the Sox and Pats are mired in mediocrity with no clear vision of improving on their current standings.

If you want to make the case for the Patriots, the NFL is designed to flip its power structure from one year to the next. However, when your caught in the middle, as the Pats have been the last three years, you get lost in the shuffle.

In baseball, if you get your foot in the door, all it takes is a dominant pitcher to alter the course of a season during a few series in October. For the Sox, it's just the simple matter of getting that far and finding out if Chris Sale has anything left in him to be that guy.

If you had to chose one of the Pats or Sox to improve in 2023, who do you trust more to do so?

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