The greatest quarterback of all-time is back on the market this off-season, should he chose to keep playing. At the same time, the guy who many have labelled as the most talented player to ever play the position could also be in the business of swapping teams this spring.

However, business doesn't appear to be exactly booming for either gentleman. If Brady hits the open market, the thought is there will be a few teams lining up for his services, but certainly not as many as the last time he attempted this three years ago.

Meanwhile, reports out of Green Bay from over the weekend suggest that the Packers are ready for life without Aaron Rodgers, and could look to move the lifelong Green Bay QB this off-season to get out from underneath the massive amounts of salary cap hindering dead money attached to his contract.

The name value is there for the two, but what's the actual football value remaining at this point?

Brady is coming off a season in which he set the NFL record for completions and attempts, while finishing second to only Patrick Mahomes in passing yards. Though, that was more a product of Tampa Bay's broken offense than Brady's prowess. He can still make the throws, he just needs a line that will protect him and weapons to get the ball to.

Rodgers' game took a big step backwards this season, after pulling in back-to-back league MVP awards in 2020 and 2021. The 39-year-old passed for 3695yds/26td/12int with a career-low QB rating of 91.1.

You can make arguments as to why you would sign one over the other. For Brady, it's the culture change he brings with him. We saw the effect it had in Tampa. The guy is the winningest player in the sport's history and that counts for something when changing a team's trajectory. Rodgers isn't that, and in recent years has been labeled as having the "loser gene," for whatever that's worth. But, he is six years younger than Brady and one season removed from being voted the best player in the league.

Would either guy still be an upgrade at your favorite team's QB position? If yes, is it worth the attempt at a short-term fix?

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