The Celtics are off to a league-best 11-3 start to the season and own the longest win-streak in the NBA at 7-straight.

We expected them to be pretty good this year, even with the turbulent entrance into preseason. So did Vegas, which despite the offseason off-court drama, kept Boston as title favorites at the season's outset.

Now, as we near the one-fifth mark of the season, which is crazy to think that it's already approaching, let me present you with three options to gauge your Green Team membership degree.

- Jayson Tatum for MVP: As of Sunday, only two men had better odds to win MVP according to DraftKings. Two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and Mavs' guard Luka Doncic are perched atop the race at +270. At +475, Tatum is closer to the top than the rest of the field (Steph Curry in 4th place, +1000). Tatum is averaging 30+ppg and dominating the game in all facets. He says MVP would be a great honor but that he only cares about winning ballgames.

- Celtics finish regular season with best record: The C's are currently on pace for 64 wins. For perspective, last year's Phoenix Suns team went 64-18. They were the first team to crack 60 wins since the '18-'19 Bucks and the first team to reach 64-or-more since the '17-'18 Houston Rockets. 64 is a big number and one that's tough to sustain over the course of 82 games.

- Celtics win the NBA Finals: Despite being the most difficult, this seems to be the most popular bet. The C's remain as title favorites pretty much anywhere you look. FanDuel has both Boston and Milwaukee listed at +500, though the Celtics tend to be slight favorites on most sites, operating in the +500-+550 range, while the Bucks tend to land between +500-+600.

What do you think? Would you feel comfortable enough to take any of these bets?

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