Well, yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster inside Red Sox Nation, was it not?

The entire hot stove was basically condensed into one day. It began with Boston signing Kenley Jansen, who led the NL in saves a year ago. Excitement spiked when the Sox made Masataka Yoshida a 100-million-dollar-man ($90mil contract, $15mil posting fee) but all good feelings were quickly dashed when the late night news rolled in that Xander Bogaerts would be joining the San Diego Padres for the next 11 years to the tune of $280 million.

Yesterday, our Drive Poll asked, "Do you trust Chaim Bloom to lead the Red Sox."

51% said no, 34% said yes and 15% said it would depend on the outcome of negotiations with Bogaerts and Devers. I have no hard facts to back it up, but based off what I've seen throughout the day from Boston media and social media takes, I don't think 34% of Red Sox Nation is backing Bloom today after what went down last night.

That being said, does 11 years and $280 million make sense for a 30-year-old shortstop? No, it doesn't. You can't blame Bloom for not wanting to cut that check, but he and the front office are entirely to blame for allowing it to reach this point.

Beginning last spring, Sox' brass continuously undervalued Bogaerts' value, both on the diamond and off. As a result, the cornerstone of the organization, the guy who may be the greatest shortstop in franchise history, will call San Diego, CA, home for the next decade.

How are you feeling today as the biggest fear of the off-season for many Sox fans has been realized?

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