Sure, it's probably not the fairest time to pose this question, seeing as Tom Brady is roughly 14 hours removed from yet another remarkable comeback, the NFL record setting 44th game-winning drive of his career. On the other side, Bill's bunch has dropped 2-straight.

But hey, Brady sucked for 55 minutes last night, had a bad game in Cleveland the week prior and both teams sit at 6-6 this season, so frankly this seems as fair a time as any to compare legacies.

The two will be tied at the hip in the annals of football history for their many shared accomplishments. They'll also be compared for eternity as people attempt to assign credit to a dynasty the likes of which had never been seen.

It's been the better part of three seasons now since Brady and Bill went their separate ways. One won a Super Bowl in his first year on his own, but hasn't found the pastures quite as green since. The other is 23-22 without a postseason win since the former left town. Again, I'm not trying to present a slanted argument, those are just the facts.

Off the field, Brady's image might not be as crystal clean as it was during much of his stay in Foxborough, and maybe that's something that can be credited to Bill. It was never about personalities in Foxborough, just the results.

But after watching what Brady managed to pull off last night, and watching the reverence with which his own players spoke of the guy, it's clear Brady's football legacy has only grown since his departure from New England.

Can the same be said for Bill?


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