Current NFL MVP and all-around great guy Patrick Mahomes was on the receiving end of some light trolling from a teammate, and it wasn't over his Muppets-esque voice (this time).

Mahomes recently inked a deal with Oakley and cut a fancy commercial for the sunglasses brand. In response, Kansas City Chiefs receiver Gehrig Dieter quoted a tweet that (accurately) pointed out just how much the former Texas Tech gunslinger in his fancy new shades resembled another amazing athlete: Kenny Powers.

Never one to miss a chance to counter-troll, Mahomes clapped back at his teammate on Twitter, much to the bemusement of the OG poster:

@JordanRogers09, Twitter
@JordanRogers09, Twitter

I mean, I know this is a meme. A joke. But Patrick Mahomes is dead-on Kenny Powers. Gigantic right arm. Charismatic. Signature hair. Everybody loves him. They both quit baseball to pursue other things.

This video is from the show, Eastbound and Down. Watch at your own risk.

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