After a record-breaking first season, reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes is making good use of his first offseason of fame. The local car commercials. He's got his own brand now. He's doing Call of Duty videos. He's got a ketchup endorsement. He already had an Adidas contract that's taken off.

Now, the most popular man in the NFL, the face of the league, has an endorsement deal for his face. Patrick Mahomes has locked in a contract with Oakley as announced on his Twitter account this morning:

Oakley is obviously a major sunglasses brand, but they also are a major football helmet visor brand. Mahomes did not wear a visor at Texas Tech, or with the Chiefs last season, but you might see him debut the look next year with his own branded Oakley visor.

The first pair of sunglasses linked to Mahomes are the Sutro frames with Prizm lenses that ring up at a cool $163. You can buy them here, and you can see Patrick's mug front and center at Oakley's website.

Never clearer. Never Stronger. Patrick Mahomes.

What makes this extra special is that Patrick Mahomes is the FIRST NFL player to ever sign with Oakley.

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