Meet the Red Raiders is back.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic zapped a lot of the fun interaction between players and fans, but that's all behind us now. New head coach Joey McGuire isn't going to miss a chance to talk face-to-face with every single Texas Tech football fan.

I recently attended the Knights of Columbus Tech Knight, and McGuire was everywhere. We got there early and the place filled in around us as hundreds of Red Raiders piled in to get their pulled pork sandwiches and unsweet tea. After the place was packed, McGuire got to the building and the atmosphere changed. Before the actual event started, he stood in the middle of the seats and went row by row shaking hands and taking selfies.

It wasn't part of the proceedings; that's just Joey McGuire.

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During the auction portion of the night, McGuire bid on and won a Rodney Allison signed helmet with the old-school Double T. Then, when his own signed football came up, he grabbed the case and showed it off, getting the biggest donation of the night.

Later on, Rodney Allison spoke to the crowd and it was great. The applause was at an appropriate level. Then it was Joey McGuire's turn. There was a standing ovation when he stepped to the mic. And a standing ovation when he finished speaking. McGuire left the stage and a mass of people besieged him. He was in his element.

We left pretty soon after the event was over, but I can almost guarantee you that McGuire stayed until every single Red Raider fan's hand was shaken and every  selfie was taken. That's just the kind of dude he is.

McGuire will get another round of hand shakes and selfies in on August 27th, along with the Texas Tech football team.

The Meet the Red Raiders event will usher fans through the sports performance center to get autographs from players and coaches alike.

Some of my fondest memories of Texas Tech football as a kid are getting to walk down the lines of tables and meet my heroes and spending some time with my dad. I'm so glad a new generation of Texas Tech fans can get the same impact while meeting the current team.

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