Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin is a popular figure in the world of sports.

One reason why is fans are never quite sure what he's going to say next.

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He and his ex-wife Layla share three children.

Two daughters, Landry (born in 2005) and Pressley (born in 2007). And son Knox (born in 2009).

As unpredictable as Kiffin is, he couldn't have predicted how much his daughters were going to spend at ZARA, a popular designer clothing store.

His reaction when receiving the news is priceless.

He braces for the news, then checks his pulse to make sure he's not close to suffering a heart attack.

$721 is a big tab, but Kiffin can afford it.

He's set to make $7.25 million at Ole Miss this year, making him one of the ten highest-paid coaches in college athletics.

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