Justus Parker was suspended by the NCAA as announced by head coach Matt Wells earlier this week. The NCAA-levied suspension was a mystery...until now.

Parker issued the following statement on his personal Twitter account:

In the post, Parker admits to failing a drug test and admits to taking something to gain weight to move into a new role after the coaching change.

In his years at Texas Tech, Parker had some major highlights, but this ends his collegiate career on a low note. After losing his final year of eligibility to the suspension, Justus Parker is done with college football.

Parker played in 26 games for Texas Tech and shined the brightest in 2017, when he was forcing turnovers left and right and turned two huge games against Kansas and Texas.

Moving into 2019, Parker probably wasn't in line to start in the Keith Patterson defense, but losing him is a major blow to a defense that isn't incredibly deep to begin with.

The good news is, there's still time to add a player, or it might be that a walk-on player gets the newly available scholarship.

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