Jett Duffey was an enigma during his time at Texas Tech. At times, he looked like Lamar Jackson making people miss, running down the field and making exciting plays. Other times he couldn't even get on the field because "he was bad in practice".

The Texas game in 2018 is the prime example to define Jett Duffey's Red Raider tenure. He threw for 400 plus yards but also had costly turnovers that ultimately cost the game.

Following another almost good season of production Jett Duffey decided to transfer from Texas Tech this offseason. Now, WDSU reporter Fletcher Mackel, Jett Duffey is taking his talents to Tulane.

Duffey will be the second Red Raider transfer to Tulane in recent history after Corey Dauphin went there and saw some success in the past few seasons. Duffey will enter camp with the Wave as the leading candidate for the starting quarterback job after last season's starter Justin McMillan graduated.

Tulane finished 7-6 in last season after winning their bowl game, and there is a ton of optimism around the program. That optimism will only grow now that Jett Duffey enters the fold with nearly two full years of Big 12 experience under his belt.


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