Last season's Big 12 Player of the Year and former Red Raider Jarrett Culver is living his best life leading up to his first season as an NBA player with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

When you think about a rookie preparing for his new surroundings, you think about things like style of play, new teammates, and new rules from NCAA to NBA basketball.

Something you might not think about is a new apartment, new city, and new furnishings.

That's what Culver was worried about in a trip to Target, but he only had one thing on his mind: The color red. As in, Red Raider. And for that matter, the Coronado Mustangs. This is the first time in a long time Culver won't have any red playing basketball, so he's making up for it in his apartment.

Check out Culver's Target shopping trip here:

The best part is his mom in disbelief that Culver is making his apartment like a "Crayola box."

You can keep up with Jarrett Culver and the Timberwolves already with the preseason starting Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 when they take on Tariq Owens, Norense Odiase and the Phoenix Suns. The regular season will start on October 23rd against the Brooklyn Nets.

The first time the Timberwolves show up on ESPN will be January 24th, 2020 when they take on the Houston Rockets. The first time they'll show up on regular cable in Lubbock is December 4th, 2019 when you can watch the Mavericks broadcast in their game, which airs on FOX Sports Southwest.

The good news here is that Jarrett Culver has a lot of nice red stuff to fill his Red Raider apartment in Minnesota. Just a little reminder of home.

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