Jarrett Culver is going to be selected in the NBA Draft in just over a month and the former Red Raider is getting some major hype as a top 14 pick also known as a lottery pick.

I'm going to make this as simple as possible and match a GIF and so I can answer this one question, "How does Jarrett Culver fit on this team?"

You can find detailed 5,000 word NBA mock drafts elsewhere.

I just want to get down to business. Or should I say GIFness...

Image result for miami csi gif

Without further ado here are the teams who have a the top 14 picks:

The New Orleans Pelicans

Image result for zion williamson gif

The Memphis Grizzlies

unlikely the bachelorette GIF

The New York Knicks

spike lee no GIF

The Los Angeles Lakers

tom hiddleston queue GIF

The Cleveland Cavaliers

Chris Farley Dafuq

The Phoenix Suns

unsure james franco GIF

The Chicago Bulls

benny the bull nba GIF by Chicago Bulls

The Atlanta Hawks

amused dave chappelle GIF

The Washington Wizards

  clapping old applause crowd GIF

The Hawks again

excited bill murray GIF

The Minnesota Timberwolves

happy homer simpson GIF

The Charlotte Hornets

conan obrien i dont want to GIF by Team Coco

The Miami Heat

Miami Pitbull GIF by iHeartRadio

The Boston Celtics

sure new girl GIF

So there you go. The definitive list of the first 14 NBA draft picks and Jarrett Culver's potential in that environment. This will be the most informative NBA draft report you read before the draft on June 20th when Jarrett Culver will have his name called by one of these 13 teams.

Preferably the Hawks. #TEAM806

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