Amarillo has gotten a ton of rain and it keeps coming, however, during the rain we have gotten a few storms with it.

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In fact, some of those storms produced tornadic activity, and funnel clouds were spotted all over Amarillo.

According to the US National Weather Service in Amarillo:

During the evening of June 3, 2023, a landspout tornado occurred in Amarillo. It was brief but did cause some damage to local businesses in the area. Landspouts, documented and rated as tornadoes when they produce damage, are extremely hard to detect on radar as they don't have a rotating cloud. They form differently and spin up from a ground circulation rather than spin down from the storm like supercell tornadoes do. For more information about the difference between tornadoes and landspouts, check out our graphic below.

Then more activity took place on Sunday, June 4th.

This funnel cloud was spotted south of Westgate Mall on Saturday, June 3rd at 8:20 pm.

Credit: Cory Crofford
Credit: Cory Crofford

Funnel Clouds Over Bivins Neighborhood on Saturday, June 3, 2023

Sarah Clark/TSM Amarillo
Sarah Clark/TSM Amarillo

As majestic as these pictures are and these funnels look, this is something that could've turned dangerous and destructive.

The Texas Panhandle is dealing with issues of flooding, and then a funnel cloud pops out and now it's time to take cover.  It can be a scary feeling.  Luckily, it didn't turn into anything major.  However, there was some damage done at 27th and Ross.

Do you have a picture of the storms?

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