Here's a headline that would make zero sense if it were written 30 years ago: the Empire State Building went viral online over the weekend.

As "2023" as it may seem, that doesn't make it any less true, as the building's official Twitter account found itself in the cross-hairs of New York sports fans on Sunday after posting about a few questionable lighting decisions.

The crown jewel of New York City was lit-up for the AFC and NFC Championship Games, but in the process, showed support for two bitter rivals of New York football teams.

Naturally, fans lost their minds, and we're here to share the misery with you.

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Fans Roast Empire State Building for Non-New York Lighting Sunday

As seems to be the case with most controversies in 2023, it all began with a single tweet. The tweet came from the official account of The Empire State Building, a very amusing account with a following of over 260,000.

The tweet showed the titular building lit-up with Philadelphia Eagles' colors....the same Philadelphia Eagles' team that eliminated the Giants from Super Bowl contention eight days ago.

These were our favorite responses from fans online:

Hours later, the account seemed to acknowledge that they knew fans were upset by this choice of decor. That didn't stop them, however, from doing the SAME THING to support the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the largest rivals of the Buffalo Bills.

Here's how fans responded to this travesty:

Is this a life-or-death issue? No, it's not, but as a New York sports fan, you are well within your right to be outraged by this. The Empire State Building is an internationally-recognizable symbol, but one that is known for being located in New York.

If it is not being used to support a New York team, or something else related to New York, then it shouldn't sit right with you.

It's very possible that the folks at the Empire State Building were simply trying to create a viral moment, and if that was the goal, then the mission was accomplished. That said, it was accomplished at the expense of fans in the building's backyard, and I don't love that choice if that's what happened.

The account sent out this tweet at the end of the night, which supports the above theory:

Now, we all have to wait until the night of Sunday, February 12th, to see if the building is lit-up in Eagles' green, of Chiefs' red, so we can yell at the inanimate object again.

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