Before the New York Yankees and Cleveland Guardians attempted to dodge the raindrops on Friday evening, Major League Baseball chose to postpone their game.

With the tarp firmly on the field, thousands of baseball fans left the ballpark, and sought shelter from the pouring rain. The game would be made up the following day, as part of a day-night doubleheader, therefore giving both teams an evening off on Friday.

Before the Yankees left the ballpark, however, two seemingly familiar figures emerged from the visitors' dugout, and onto the field. The few who were left in the ballpark were left to decide: are these real players, or impostors, that are now running around the field?

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New York Yankees' "Players" Put on a Show During Friday's Rainout

In the time immediately following the news that Friday's Yankees-Guardians' game had been postponed, a group of people began to populate the New York dugout. Most of the people were dressed in street clothes, but two were still wearing uniforms.

It was those two "players" who emerged from the dugout, and began to jog parallel to the warning track, in the outfield of the ballpark. They slowed down to a trot, then to a walk, and then stopped, following which they pivoted to face the infield.

Here's another view of the hilarity that ensued.

The two "players" in the baggy Yankees' uniforms were, in fact, not Aaron Judge nor Anthony Rizzo. Instead, it was physical therapist Joe Bello and video coordinator Dan Pane who donned the pinstripes for the hilarious stunt, as written by Bryan Hoch in an story on the hijinks.

Diving across the tarp during a rain delay or rainout is a baseball activity that dates back decades. Fans from past generations will remember Rick Dempsey's on-field shenanigans during a delay in 1983.

Either way, it's always entertaining to see players enjoying their time on the field in this way. Not only that, but this kind of thing says a lot about the culture that the Yankees' have on their roster right now. Past iterations of the Bronx Bombers wouldn't have dared make a spectacle like this.

This year's team, however, is truly different. As we now know, that concept applies both on and off the field.

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