If you missed it, Matt Wells and what seemed like every Red Raider Football player to ever own a twitter account threw up a GIF and the same caption about there being just 100 days till gameday.

Here is Matt Wells tweet that started the storm or you can read the entire list here in the original recap.

Sure, it's cool to have 20+ ex players, including NFL stars Michael Crabtree and Kerry Hyder, say they are excited about Texas Tech football season, but this is just a social marketing bomb that's planned and not organic. It might drum up some excitement but you might as well call these guys influencers at this point and the tweets should have included #ad so everyone knew it was a pre-planned exhibit.

I'm not mad at it. I love stunts like this, but that's all it is - a stunt.

Just because it's a stunt doesn't mean it didn't drum up some legitimate excitement.

Like this:

This is the most iconic Bell Ringing moment in Texas Tech history and Big Phil is ready to ring the bell some more. If you're unaware this is in the preceding moments of the Crab Grab, aka one of the biggest moments in Texas Tech football history. Moments that Matt Wells wants to remember, but surpass.

Kudos to Coach Wells for getting some ex players on board with what he's trying to build. If he wants to get it going even bigger let Big Phil ring the bell again. That would really get the people going.

I can't stop watching that GIF.


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