During the dismantling of Texas Tech by the Oklahoma Sooners, there weren't too many highlights by the Red Raider defense. The one highlight the group could muster in the 55-16 loss was an interception by Douglas Coleman.

If you're looking for the good play, skip the first video here.

At the tail end of this play, Texas Tech captain Eli Howard comes flying in and dives right into the knees of running back Kennedy Brooks. It was a blatant penalty that was called on the field and backed the Red Raider offense off what would have been really good field position.

After the game, Eli Howard released a statement apologizing for the cheap shot.

After new head coach Matt Wells preached all off-season how Texas Tech wasn't going to have stupid penalties, Eli Howard is a captain and should know better. That said, it's commendable for Howard to take responsibility in such a public way.

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