Buzz Question- No drama here, just would love some suggestions from you guys. My boyfriend and I are finally moving in together. We both have our own places...question is whether I should move into his place or should he move into mine. It's pretty equal as far as rent, really is a matter of preference. Just wondering what has worked for you?

Here Is What People Are Saying

Been there. For me, she moved into my place and if I can go back I would have moved into her place. Nothing was right at my place and all I heard was nagging about this and that. MOVE in their place!!!

Stay in your place. It's probably cleaner!!! LOL

I moved into his place and I regret it. It always felt like HIS place and not OURS, My advice get a totally NEW PLACE!

If you're gonna play married, get married.

Which place is closer to your jobs? Who has the least amount of stuff to move?



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