Wow, check out this stat, according to US Package and Wrapping LLC,

the state of Texas ranks 8th in most packages stolen with an average of over 1000 packages stolen each month across the state.

Very unsettling considering many of us primarily order online and have our packages delivered to our homes on a regular basis. It is the convenient way to live these days however 'porch pirates' as they are called are not something we want to have to worry about while away from our homes either.


The term porch pirate is a term that refers to people who steal packages from other people's homes. Porch pirates more often than not are the reason you may receive a notification that your package has been delivered from your carrier yet when you get home there is nothing.

According to CBS7, porch pirates are on the rise in Odessa.

One individual in the Odessa area has been caught on camera stealing packages off of people’s front porches.

Unfortunately, we have to do what we can to keep our packages safe now just now but in the future. Here are some tips to help prevent package theft from your front porch:

1. include delivery instructions to keep your packages from being placed on your front porch-with some companies you can include instructions as to where exactly to leave your packages. When you are filling out shipping info, look for the 'delivery instructions' option.

Parcel box delivered to a front door of residential building
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2.schedule deliveries with the company you ordered from-sign up for notifications from UPSFedEx or USPS to select an alternate delivery option. Amazon provides Amazon Hub lockers as an alternative delivery spot and FedEx in some cases has the option where you can pick up your package at a nearby Walgreens.

Scanning parcel barcode before shipment

3. keep an eye on your packages as they are delivered with a doorbell camera-this may not prevent a porch pirate from stealing your packages but you will have the thief's face on camera for police. Also, you can instruct your delivery driver through your doorbell camera as to where to leave or hide your packages.

Covered porch and front door of beautiful new home

4. choose a different address to have your packages delivered-if your neighbor stays home all day perhaps, with their permission, you can have your packages delivered to their address. Or if your sister Karen is a stay-at home mom, that might be your best bet to insure safe delivery of your packages.

5. opt for the curbside pick-up at stores when available- instead of having packages delivered, if you are ordering from a local department store, find out if they have curbside pick-up available.

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