With the cold spell hitting us today it brought to my mind how useless winter is.

I know it helps curb the pest population which I am glad about that, but the cold and dreariness are just not what I call a great thing.

To me, being a cold-natured person, hot weather is just uncomfortable, and cold weather just hurts.

Stub your toe in the middle of summer and it will hurt some, but stub your toe in winter when your feet are cold as ice and that is another level of pain.

Of course, lots of people point to the fact that you can put on enough clothes to keep warm but you can't take off enough clothes to keep cool and still be decent.

Don't let that be known to a nudist, which would probably argue with you.

Living in a place where the wind is the norm, that doesn't bode well for winter where 20 degrees can turn to -20 with a nice brisk wind.

And back to the "you can put on enough clothes to stay warm" argument, too many clothes and you can't move and it becomes dangerous for you to venture out.

Warm weather also doesn't make the power grid fail or roofs collapse from the weight of snow on them. West Texas houses are not built like homes in Minnesota where they can take on a lot of snow and not cave in.

So argue all you will hot-natured people about how wonderful winter is because you like parading around in a tank top and shorts when it's 10 degrees outside because you are finally not sweating but give me warm to hot weather any day.


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