One day into Spring and you know what sounds so good now that the temperatures outdoors are much warmer? Ice cream! I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream. You are never too old for that little diddy and definitely never too old for ice cream for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Not to say that I don't eat ice cream even when it's cold outside but now that the time change has kicked in and daylight sticks around much later, coupled with beautiful, spring weather, yeah I'm ready for a scoop or two! Check out these 5 places to get some yummy ice cream in Midland:

Fountainville Creamery and Soda Fountain-you had me at soda! This means without a doubt that an ice cream float is in my future. And according to their website, they feature artisan ice cream made in-house from scratch. Fountainville is located at 1307 N. Loop 250 W Ste 8 A in the Red Oak Plaza.

Popbar-never been but I've heard nothing but great things! Katelyn on Yelp says it perfectly:

This is a really unique ice cream shop that has modified the way you eat your ice cream. You get to customize your ice cream. They have plenty of flavors and toppings to choose from. I had the cookies and cream ice cream Popwich  (Ice Cream Sandwich). I chose a cookies and cream pop, that got Nutella put on either side so that the ice cream sandwich cookie can be added and then I had mine dipped in chocolate and dipped in chocolate sprinkles.

I mean nothing more needs to be said, I'm in! Check out Popbar at 200 Spring Park Ste. 300. Visit their website to browse all of your options.

Creamlab N7 Ice Cream-if you've never tried Nitrogen ice cream here is your chance. Also, visit their website to check out some of their yummy flavors like cookie monster, s'mores delight and pralines & cream. Creamlab is located at 3201 N Midland Dr. Ste. 150.

Cousin's Creamery-located in downtown Midland, right across from Centennial Park, I sure must find out what this fabulosity is all about! Go to their Facebook page to find out hours of operation and learn more about handcrafted ice cream Cousin's Creamery, 201 W. Wall st.

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